a Sci-Fi short-film


In the year 2492, the U.N.S.E. ORION Space Arch reaches a distant planet, carrying on board thousands of passengers with the hope of building a new world. Separated from the rest of the colony by an incident during the landing of the spacecraft, Leopold, a young engineer-mechanic, wakes up alone in snowy and wild territory. Without news from the rest of the crew, he receives the help of IEL, a singular character stuck on board the Ark who will guide him to find his way back among his owns.


Beyond The Realm is a science-fiction short-film written and directed by Olivier Lémery for his graduation project.

Just like old science-fiction movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Star Wars or even more recent films like Interstellar or Blade Runner 2049, the main challenge of the short-film was to create its futuristic world through model-making (of spaceships) and advanced costume-making and prop-making, and not to rely exclusively on digital effects. Of course both practical and digital effects were used to stage consistently the story and its very physical dimension.

Because the storyline is indeed a lot based on the character’s (and therefore « ours » as humans) relationship with its physical world, the director was very concerned about finding the right plastic (as physical) aesthetic for the film. Additional to visual effects, this scope was then achieved by filming in real natural locations with real meteorological conditions, in the Alps mostly.

Check out the « making of » page on this website to look at some pictures of the work made on this project (model-making, costume-making, sets and shooting).


Project status

Due to the covid-19 lockdown, the production of the project has been delayed. The short-film is currently in postproduction, we are working on the final steps of the visual effects and on the musical composition.
Stay tuned !